Saturday, 2 November 2013


I have been asked on several occasions to troubleshoot Designaknit setup problems.  
So here's a step-by-step guide for setting up DAK for Interactive Knitting.

The following screen shots assume that you have designed your piece and integrated the stitch pattern. 
(Sorry about overspilling into the text on the right-hand side, but it was difficult to read when made smaller)

1. Select the Interactive Knitting icon.

2. Click OK to accept pattern piece.

3. Click OK to select Integrate with stitch pattern

4. Under Options, select Method of Knitting

5. Select machine, then click OK

6. Setup knitting technique  

(For punch lace on a Silver Reed, choose Fairisle but the dial on the knitting carriage needs to be set to L (lace)

7. Under Go, select Go to RC (row counter)

8. Set to 0 (zero)

From my experience, even though it may be showing a highlighted 0, I always input it again by overtyping with a 0

9. Still under Go, select Ready

If during knitting you get a message saying 'Carriage going the wrong way', take the carriage back to where it started for that row, reset the row counter (Step 8), and do the Ready process again (Step 9)
This message can appear even if you move the carriage slightly back, when moving forward. So be sure to make smooth accurate movements with your carriage - slow and steady - not too fast!

10. Almost there, click OK

11. Position needle cams (for Silver Reed) as directed - then click OK.

12. You will now be ready to start



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