Sunday, 16 December 2012

Girls Bobble Trim Sweater

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Knitted on a mid-gauge SK860 in double-knit (worsted) acrylic yarn from a basic shape child's pattern from Designaknit8.

I started each piece with waste yarn, leaving open stitches at the bottom.  The pieces, when finished, were hung on the needles (upside down) and divided into batches of 13 stitches.  Each batch of stitches were hand-tooled by making the central lace pattern; I thought this would be a good way to form the shapes into triangles without showing ugly decreases at the edges.  The shaping reduced the triangle down to 5 stitches, which then became the perfect start for i-cord (for the bobble).  I knitted 24 rows for the i-cord,  tied a knot and secured the bobble from the end thread of the finished i-cord.

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